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About Me

I am a writer, teacher, and, most importantly, a Christ-follower! You can learn more about what I do by following any of my social media accounts! Take a look to see what platform you may enjoy best.

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This has quickly become one of my favorite accounts. Here you will find my most "unfiltered" content. From short discussions about the Bible, to my personal experiences with spiritual warfare and mental illness, to fun memes, you're bound to find something you like here!



Want to focus on theology? Check out my YouTube channel. Though my content has gone through many revisions throughout the years, I am currently teaching a Theology Basics series! Here you can also find more in-depth videos about my mental health and spiritual warfare.



While my other social media accounts are more ministry-focused, Instagram is more of a place to get to know me! Here you will find a hodge-podge of all the things I love, and occasionally get sneak-peaks of current projects I'm working on.

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I am part of two podcasts! "Cassandra's Commentaries" is where I read the Bible and share my convictions and thoughts as I go! "More than Sparrows" is where I my sister Sarah and I engage in faith-based discussions while remembering our worth in Christ!

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