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Quitting the 9-5

Let's face it, the 9-5 work schedule is not designed for everyone. It's certainly not designed for me.

Although I love the company I'm currently working at, and love the fact that work can stay at work with my current job, my passions and calling lie elsewhere. Not to mention it really is a struggle to sit at a desk for eight hours when you have ADHD. Just saying.

I was listening to the podcast episode "Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life" from Kirby Kelly's Bought and Beloved Podcast and grew really frustrated. I knew that I wanted to pursue online ministry to financially support me as I continue to volunteer in the local church. But I knew I couldn't just up and quit my job to do so.

Then I ended up listening to Jeanine Amapola's podcast Happy and Healthy, where she had an episode called "Leaving the 9-5 for Full Time Social Media with Jenna Palek." Perfect! I grew encouraged and made a plan to quit the 9-5 in three to five years.

Here's how you can help me do just that:

1. Follow me on tiktok and instagram @cassandraspocket

Interacting with my posts goes a long way! Not only does this help build my social media platform, but it shows future publishers that I have an audience that already cares about what I put out and have to say!

2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to get monthly videos!

Again, this builds my platform for publishers to look at. But YouTube is what I hope will become my primary form of digital ministry, and one day I'll be able to put out videos much more often than once a month!

3. Subscribe and listen to my podcasts Cassandra's Commentaries and More Than Sparrows with Sarah and Cassandra.

These podcasts are released on alternating Thursdays. Get your dose of biblical literacy and fun faith-based conversations with these podcasts!

4. Follow me on the Wisdom app.

Here I post live weekly "talks" where I read a psalm and reflect on it. The idea is to meditate on each psalm all week. This is the only platform I'm currently monetized on, so your support here means so much! Taking five minutes out of your week to listen to one of these talks will go a long way for me!

5. Subscribe to this blog!

Publishers love to see that you have a commimtted blog following and a large email list. Subscribing to my blog helps me prove I have faithful readers and will give you an email reminder each time I upload a blog so you never miss one!

Finally, your prayers are always welcome and appreciated.

I look forward to starting this journey toward quitting my 9-5, and being more intentional with the content I create for you!

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