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Writing Books that Grow Hope and Wonder in the Valley

I have released one book so far, a short poetry memoir about love and heartbreak called My Love Letters Don't Sound the Same Anymore. This is definitely an "in the valley" book, giving the reader hope that they are not alone there. However, my heart thrives on writing Christian YA fantasy. I have one such book in the works right now, and you can get the inside scoop (and the synopsis) for it by subscribing to my newsletter

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My Love Letters Don't Sound the Same Anymore

a short poetry book

My Love Letters Don't Sound the Same Anymore is a collection of 33 poems offering a unique look into the beginning and end of romantic love. By pairing poems that come straight from real love letters alongside poems written after a breakup, My Love Letters Don't Sound the Same Anymore blurs the lines of love and heartbreak while expressing the pain of lost relationships with haunting honesty.

This book is currently only available for purchase on Amazon. 

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Totally captivated by the short, simple phrases the author used to translate her feelings. What delighted me even more was the absence of bitterness while sharing her story. Wish I would have had something like this to read in my teens and twenties.


This book was very well done! It takes you on a journey of finding love, choosing love, and losing love. You can sense the author trying to process the heartbreak and pain, not in a spiteful way, but rather on a journey to healing after having been "Blindsided." The theme of choosing to love a broken person who may not reciprocate that love back provides a beautiful undertone of how God loves his children and will let them go out of his love for them if they choose to let go of their relationship with Him.


What beautiful sentiments and expressions of a broken heart that is grieving but not lost!

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